Our group has world-class facilities for isotope geochemistry research, including:


  • Clean Labs

The HEPA-filtered class-100 trace metal free lab suite includes working benches, laminar flow/fume hoods, a balance room, a dedicated beaker cleaning room. Inside this clean lab suite, there is also a super-clean room whose incoming air is purified by an additional layer of charcoal filter to further eliminate trace element contaminants associated with organic bound particles. The super-clean room is dedicated to processing of contamination-prone and/or ultra-low level elements from samples (e.g., trace metals in seawater). The clean lab suite is shared by Zheng research group and Edwards research group.

Working benches
Acid purification systems
Teflon-coated graphite hotplate















  • Mass Spectrometry Lab

The mass spectrometry lab is in a clean environment circulated with HEPA-filtered air. Our group has the latest version of MC-ICP-MS from Nu Plasma ("Sapphire") capable of high-precision isotope ratio analysis for most elements in the periodic table. The instrument features a collision cell that has particular strengths in removing Ar-related (and several other) interferences. A femtosecond laser ablation (fs-LA) system is expected to arrive by the end of Year 2021. This laser system will allow for in-situ high precision isotopic and elemental analysis for a wide range of geological and environmental samples at micro-scale spatial resolution. The combination of a collision-cell MC-ICP-MS and a fs-laser under the same roof provides unique analytical capabilities rarely available elsewhere in the world. In addition, we have a Thermo Ionization Mass Spectrometer (TIMS) MAT 262 in the same room. The lab is also home for two other MC-ICP-MS instruments (Neptune) used by Prof. Edwards' research group, so we really have a spectacular spectrometer exhibition here!

MC-ICP-MS (Sapphire) torch hood with lit plasma
MC-ICP-MS (Sapphire) overview









  • Experimental Isotope Geochemistry Lab

We have a general chemistry laboratory where we conduct geochemical experiments and other sample preparation activities. The lab has 2 fume hoods, 1 clean bench, and a wide range of apparatus used for controlled isotope exchange and fractionation experiments.

A partial view of the lab
Experiments constraining K isotope fractionation









  • Other analytical equipment

We have a triple-quad ICP-MS (iCAP TQ) capable of multi-element analysis. This machine is currently overseen by Seyfried, Santelli, and Zheng. Also, we have a mercury analyzer (Hydra IIAA and IIC) capable of analyzing Hg concentrations in both aqueous and solid samples.

Triple-quad (TQ-) ICP-MS









  • More coming soon...